Wildlife around the grounds of Middleton Hall

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Summer 2012 – No 10

This summer we have had never ending rain – perhaps this is why we have had the best year for the wildfowl!  We now are very lucky in that the planned lakes for the waterside cannot be created quick enough as the moorhens are taking over Middleton Hall!  This year we have seen three successful broods reared, creating a lot of moorhens wanting new homes.

I am sure you, as well as I, are very interested to see what extra fauna and flora are attracted to our site once all these new habitats are created.  This is an exciting time for Middleton Hall wildlife lovers.

Charlie Chapel has spent time recently clearing out the blanket weed from the main pond.  This has highlighted just how many fish we have which is a great indicator of how healthy the pond is.  A lot of people have also been commenting on how many dragon and damselflies are about.

The deer seem to have been absent for a while which has provided the opportunity for the new woodland trees to recover, after deer took a liking to them in spring.  Since then, new tree guards have been placed round the vulnerable young trees.

Please report anything interesting or unusual to Charlie or me as we are keen to know of any new sightings.  With this in mind Mr Webb recently spotted a fox cub playing down the main drive unperturbed by his presence.

David Richardson

Head of Operations

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