Independent Living Properties


We offer three types of independent living accommodation:

  • The Waterside bungalows (two, three and four bedroom properties) and one ground floor property. Many have garages.
  • Middleton Woods apartments (one, two and three bedroom properties)
  • Middleton Grove apartments (one bedroom)

During the pandemic we have been working hard to keep the whole retirement village Covid-free.  We are accepting purchases and rental of properties with a careful moving in process.

Please call us om 01325 332207 for further information.

See a comparison table of all three properties here.

“I wish to express my appreciation for the way this current crisis is being handled. I know the staff are working hard under difficult circumstances to ensure the welfare of all residents. I doubt if it could be improved on. The caring is very apparent, and I am pleased to be a part of this village.”
Independent Living Resident, March 2020

“Please convey my thanks to all the staff who are doing a remarkable job in supporting everybody in the village. It’s only when times are difficult that your organisation clearly stands out as a remarkably caring and loving company. Much appreciated”
Independent Living Resident, March 2020

“It seems as though you and all your colleagues at Middleton Hall are doing everything possible to keep the residents safe and this must be extremely challenging.
It’s great to hear you are constantly preparing for what might happen and are one step ahead.”
Family member, April 2020

“Lovely setting, fantastic staff, great accommodation and facilities”
Independent Living Resident- 2019