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Two properties sold in Middleton Woods and the new residents moved in.


Keeping our residents safe during Covid-19 has been our number one priority at Middleton Hall Retirement Village.

We are delighted to be welcoming new residents – even during the pandemic we have had property sales complete and a number of people successfully, and safely, moving in.

Keeping our residents safe during Covid-19
We have been reflecting on the vital steps we have taken since the start of the year to keep our residents safe and have drawn up the following insight into our Coronavirus Pandemic Response.

Getting our planning in place – January
By the time the UK government-imposed lockdown on 23 March 2020 Middleton Hall Retirement Village had already been in quarantine for over a fortnight.

In January, having seen what was happening in China, and then Italy, our leadership team took decisive steps to update the global pandemic plan which has been part of our emergency event contingency plans since the Avian Flu crisis in 2004.

The clear strategy set by the Trustees and Directors throughout this time was that our absolute priority was to look after our people – our Residents and our Co-owners (as our employees are known, with Middleton Hall being Employee Owned).

Preparing for a pandemic – February
Having agreed the details of our revised plan with Middleton Hall’s wider management team at a workshop, we then issued the first of our Coronavirus bulletins and carried out briefings for our residents and Co-owners to explain our plan and practical steps people should start taking.

Stage one of our plan began in earnest during February when Middleton Hall’s team of Co-owners started the hard work of preparing and managing our response to the global pandemic.

A peaceful setting, during lockdown

We also stocked up on essentials including food and PPE during February.  This included buying additional freezers so that we could have eight weeks supply of food stored and ready.

Locking down – Early March

On March 10th, around two weeks before the national lock down, we moved to Stage Two of our plan and then quickly to Stage Three and started “locking down” as it is now known.

We closed our central facilities (Middleton Spa, Orangery, Restaurant and shop) and stopped visitors as well as any new residents moving in without a strict procedure in place, including testing and quarantine.

With no Covid testing available at that stage for the care sector, we took matters into our own hands to ensure residents were kept safe. We converted Middleton Spa into the “Rainbow Centre” with a dedicated care team trained and prepared so that, in the event of any residents developing Covid symptoms, we could look after them safely away from other residents.

Supporting independent residents
For residents living independently in the Waterside and Middleton Woods, in addition to weekly updates and guidance, we have introduced a number of extra services to help ease the restrictions of lockdown life during the pandemic:

Residents enjoying their exercise classes

  • Grocery deliveries are made available from an extended range in our shop to everyone’s doorstep
  • A “Deliveroo” hot meals service offers meals twice a day including Sunday lunch and Saturday “take away” nights
  • Resident volunteers stepped in to help distribute disinfected post and parcels
  • Our reception team make daily calls to all those living on their own
  • Our Spa team run socially distanced exercise classes outside to help people stay active.

Flexibly adapting services within changing guidelines
Our strategy throughout has been to be ‘over cautious rather than under cautious’. We continuously monitor the changing situation and government guidelines and adapt the services we offer to our residents accordingly. Since March we have introduced a number of initiatives, some of which have since been temporarily restricted in line with government guidance, including:

Our Mobile Grocery Shop

    • Visitor Pods, created by our maintenance team to allow for Covid-secure visiting
    • Staging a ‘virtual’ Village Show with a weekly programme of events for residents to take part in at home
    • Socially-distanced outdoor visitor stations
    • Re-opening a larger, revitalised shop
    • Introduced a mobile grocery shop.
    • Offering a snacks and drinks service outside the Orangery
    • Providing Covid-secure hairdressing, physiotherapy and chiropody services
    • Re-opening our swimming pool and gym in line with government guidelines
    • Introducing outside Tai-Chi classes
    • Hosting a number of summer socially distanced small-group barbeques


Please see our information about our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Feedback from our residents and families

“Appreciate all that the management and co-owners are doing to keep us safe, well fed and entertained – we feel very lucky to be here in these uncertain times.”
Independent Living Resident, 2020

“Superb, professional way all the Staff at MHRV have managed this Coronavirus Challenge.”
Independent Living Resident, 2020

“Thank you to the team for the remarkably effective planning and implementation of the measures to keep us safe and well…. What the pandemic has done is to reinforce our belief that we made the right decision at the right time to come to Middleton Hall”
Independent Living Resident, 2020

“I wish to express my appreciation for the way this current crisis is being handled. I know the staff are working hard under difficult circumstances to ensure the welfare of all residents. I doubt if it could be improved on. The caring is very apparent, and I am pleased to be a part of this village.”
Independent Living Resident, March 2020

“Please convey my thanks to all the staff who are doing a remarkable job in supporting everybody in the village. It’s only when times are difficult that your organisation clearly stands out as a remarkably caring and loving company. Much appreciated”
Independent Living Resident, March 2020

“It seems as though you and all your colleagues at Middleton Hall are doing everything possible to keep the residents safe and this must be extremely challenging.
It’s great to hear you are constantly preparing for what might happen and are one step ahead.”
Family member, April 2020

“Lovely setting, fantastic staff, great accommodation and facilities”
Independent Living Resident- 2019


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