A Visit from Kirkleatham Owl Centre

IMG_7344 (640x427)We were delighted to prove once again that everyone, whatever their age or interests, can experience and enjoy something new. There were lots of smiles and gasps as staff and residents welcomed members of the Kirkleatham Owl Centre team – including the human, scaled and feathered varieties.

It was literally a very touchy feely kind of a day. The entourage spent the afternoon visiting the different corners of Middleton Hall. Residents and staff were thrilled to meet a snake, barn owl, huge dragon lizards, a baby hedgehog, tortoise and a strangely charming creature called a skinny pig.

The owl centre staff very patiently answered all our questions and the animals were extremely well behaved. Many of us were initially wary but with support enjoyed handling the animals like professionals. The Kirkleatham ladies made sure they counted their brood as they left!

The session was part of an on-going monthly programme, a series of workshops that brings gardening and wildlife to life in a very interesting and practical way.







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