A Special Visitor to the Current Affairs Group

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Several people have been keeping the regular Current Affairs host MD Jeremy’s seat warm whilst he is away for two months. This week we were delighted to welcome Chris Lloyd, Chief Features Writer at the Northern Echo and Darlington & Stockton Times.

In weekly discussions about the topics of the day, talk very often turns to the subject of the press. Who can we trust to tell us the facts? Who reports the news – is it those with ‘the authority’ to do so or is it increasingly everyman with their trusty smart phones? What can we do about fake news? How can the print press survive in modern times when ‘free’ digital news is so popular?

We therefore invited a contact from the world of the press so that we could hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Chris was a great speaker and his experience gave depth to the answers to our questions. In particular, he has a passionate interest in local politics and history. It was fascinating to hear about reporting in the days of Tony Blair, Mo Mowlem, Peter Mendelson and Alan Milburn.

He was also clear about the challenges that the print press face and the possible solutions.

We were still listening intently when the hour was up! Thank you very much, Chris.

Next week, we look forward to the Mayor and Mayoress of Darlington 2016-17 Brian and Doris Jones joining the group.

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