Healthy Living Centre – Middleton Spa

Middleton Spa facilities include

  • a luxury swimming pool
  • a spa pool
  • a brand new studio 
  • a well equipped gym with a wide range of equipment suitable for all mobility needs
  • hairdressing and therapy rooms

Our Healthy Living Advisors carry out a full gym induction with all new members.  A PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) form is completed and a gym programme created to meet individuals’ needs. The emphasis is on improving general fitness, rehab, movement and/or flexibility.

The swimming pool is 1.2m deep and is maintained at a comfortable temperature of 34-35C. In this relaxing pool environment, swimmers and non-swimmers alike can enjoy a pleasant swim or participate in gentle exercises.

Spa members have full access to a range of classes, including Tai Chi, Pilates and Aqua classes. They are also welcome to use the hair salon and the services of the therapist.