World Poetry Day Poems

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Sunday 21st March was #WorldPoetryDay. To mark this occasion some of our residents and Co-owners have written some poems on the theme of ‘Hope for the Future.’ We thought we’d share these with you across the week!

Life after Covid-19
By Mike – A Middleton Hall Resident

It’s 21 June, another day dawns
In the Reading Room Scrabble and Quizzes but wait,
Boris has said restrictions are eased.
Our week’s programme shows trips in the bus
painting and crafts in the craft room together.
On Monday the choir all singing in unison,
and grandchildren joining a meal in the Orangery,
At lunch time the Restaurant buzzes with chat
as folks from all parts of the Hall join in.
Let us hope the pandemic is a thing of the past,
not just in Britain but all over the world.


By Johnathan and Jerome – A Resident & Co-owner working together.

Oh what a year we’ve had so far
Missing friends and superstars
Let’s all go to the pub
Enjoy a drink and some grub
We were stuck in with fear
Throughout the year
Released from the shackles
Listening to folks as the cackle
Meeting family and friends
We hold so dear
Without restrictions
And a little less to fear

The picture is from our Village Show in 2019 when our whole community was able to come together.

By Graham – Middleton Hall Driver
So, time to say farewell to Covid nineteen,
the toilet roll panic buying and ‘Tier four’.
No haircuts, wearing masks, the same four walls,
The working from home, shops closed and more.
Boris now says ‘lockdown’ is to be lifted,
so it’s time to look forward to the rest of the year,
schools open, seeing friends and family again,
getting back in the ‘Three Crowns’ and having a beer…!

The Open
By Jerome

Sitting out in the open
Watching people go by
No mask in sight
So we can see them smile
Filling our lungs with nice fresh air
Sitting and touching surfaces without fear
How I miss those natural sights and sound
The hustle and bustle of people around
As we take the next step to being outside
Let give a friendly wave as we go on by

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