Wildlife around the grounds of Middleton Hall

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This spring we have been truly rewarded for our efforts over the last few years with fantastic results on Middleton hall`s bird population. Firstly we had Tawny owls use our purpose built owl box successfully rearing two chicks. We then had the Moorhens once again nesting on the island we created last year raising 3 chicks, now looking at a second brood. In the last few days Pat Webb has taken some excellent pictures of a Mallard which has hatched a brood of 9 on the wetland area near the bird hide.

We have just completed the survey of our 40 nest boxes now in its third year with excellent results, we have provided sites for 24 broods of Blue tits, 6 broods of Great tits and 2 broods of the RSPB red listed Tree sparrow.
Even with all this success we are striving to add to this with Middleton Hall now being corporate members of Durham Wildlife Trust. This partnership is to create exciting new initiatives for Middleton Hall with the planned growing of wildflowers for rare butterflies, wildlife cameras and extensive planting of the proposed new lakes.
A stoat was spotted near the orchard by Graeme Bell last week while Deer are still also occasionally been seen on site. Please if you have any interesting sightings inform me or Charlie.
Charlie Chapels wildlife group is now having monthly trips usually on a Friday if anyone is interested in joining please ask at reception or see Charlie.

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