Who gives a hoot?

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Spring at Middleton Hall saw the instalment of cameras into 4 of the larger nesting boxes located in the grounds of Middleton Hall. “Nest Watch” was activated and residents and staff huddled around reception to watch the comings and goings of the nesting antics of our feathered nightly residents.

Unfortunately, there was disappointment as Vanish, the owl’s all too appropriate nickname, decided not to set up home.

However, imagine the reception staff’s delight a few weeks later, when they found a very special owl, Oliver, had set up home overnight on the reception desk.  As the picture shows, Oliver was hatched by someone very talented and has already bought many a smile to residents, staff and visitors alike.

Although the identity of Oliver’s mum (or dad) still remains a mystery, we suspect one of the talon–ted members of the residents knitting group.  We love Oliver and everyone is really grateful that someone did give a hoot about our owl-less dilemma.

We’re sure Oliver is looking forward to his mates returning for nesting next year.

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