Wheelchair donations support charities working in developing world

Wheelchairs and other mobility aids from Middleton Hall Retirement Village are being put to good use helping people with disabilities in the developing world.

Middleton Hall Retirement Village has donated wheelchairs and other mobility aids to the Kumi Community Foundation and its partner organisation Wheels for the World – Through the Roof, both of which support many individuals with disabilities and malnourishment who are living in extreme poverty in remote areas of the developing world.

The Kumi Support Organisation was founded in 2002 by Elspeth Robinson a close friend of Middleton Grove resident Barbara Evans, who told Middleton Hall’s Healthy Living Manager Michael Hodgson about the great work the foundation does in delivering and upcycling wheelchairs and mobility aids.

Michael said: “This charity is doing amazing work every single day. What is a small contribution on our behalf can make such a huge difference to the people of Uganda, all made possible by this charity. It is also in keeping with Middleton Hall’s commitment to sustainability, as these wheelchairs would otherwise end up in landfill.”

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