The benefits of taking up a hobby at retirement age

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It isn’t uncommon at Middleton Hall for residents in their 70s, 80s, 90s and even 100s to take up a new hobby or learn something new. Our team encourage everyone to get involved in activities and use the facilities for significant benefits to physical and mental well-being.

Above: Residents using the bowls green

A Hobby Isn’t Just a Sport

Many think that a hobby is solely sports related, but hobbies can include activities such as walking or swimming; there are the arts too and music, not to mention cooking, gardening or playing board and card games.

It is never too late to learn a new skill.

Facilities at Middleton Hall

Throughout the last decade, the range of facilities that we have been able to offer have only extended and been very well received by our residents. Our 45 acre plot now has:

  • A Pavilion and Bowling green
  • 9-Hole Golf Course
  • Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
  • Spa including Therapy Rooms
  • Hairdressers
  • The Orangery
  • The Restaurant
  • Art Studio
  • Library
  • Nature Trails
  • And much more…

What are the benefits?

Taking up a hobby during retirement is proven to make life more enjoyable:

  • Keeping active and engaged helps to sharpen the mind
  • If you decide to take up a hobby within a group of people, this keeps you socially connected with friends
  • Helps you learn new skills with other likeminded individuals who share your passion
  • Physical activity leads to better health in general, due to the chemicals released by the body
  • Hobbies help to relieves stress and reduce boredom

Pets and Retirement

During retirement, pet ownership often increases, which is sometimes seen as a hobby in itself. Looking after a pet is a positive responsibility, especially dogs. This type of hobby encourages people to get out, admire the outdoors, walk their pet and explore nature whilst being showered with unconditional love. Many of our residents take advantage of our beautiful grounds with their pets and attribute their good health benefits to this.

We understand the importance of this companionship to many residents and can therefore accommodate pets in some of our properties (subject to availability). We want you to live retirement life to the fullest, even if that means bringing along your furry friend too!

The Next Steps…

Perhaps you haven’t found your hobby yet, which is why at Middleton Hall we host a range of different weekly and monthly activities to be enjoyed by all and we guarantee there will be at least one you haven’t tried yet!

Here are just a few of many:

  • Bridge Club
  • Aqua Sessions
  • Knatty Knitting Club
  • Tai Chi
  • Photography Club
  • Table Tennis
  • Scrabble Club
  • Choir

Contact reception team today to find out more about the facilities and events we have going on:

01325 332207 or email

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