Our Animals


Our flock consists of hens, ducks and bantam chickens, all of which lay eggs. Half of these go to Middleton Oaks, who use the eggs in their day-to-day cooking, but we also sell these in our on-site shop on a Pick-Your-Own basis. These can be bought by anyone, whether they are residents, Co-owners, or just visiting.


During the summer, we get bees on loan, and do our bit to help stop them going extinct. Summer 2020 will hopefully produce the first batch of Middleton Hall Honey, so stay tuned!


During the Autumn of 2019, attendees of a Wildlife Workshop built 5 'Hedgehog Hotels', which are spaces build specifically for hedgehogs to hibernate in. Only one hotel was occupied this winter, but hopefully we can boost our guests in 2020!


During breeding season, our bird-boxes often get filled with nesting owls. Some of these boxes were made by our residents during wildlife workshops, and are put up and maintained by our capable Estates team. We've even had baby owl chicks before, which we caught on camera, how cute!

Creepy Crawlies

You could say we've been known to construct the occasional Bug Hotel - a space for creepy crawlies from all walks of life to come and build their home. This is a great addition to any habitat, and fits in perfectly in the woodland around Middleton Hall.


We love our birds here, so we have a bird hide set up for bird watching, as well as feeders for the birds and some fantastic, well-kept habitats. We get visits from all sorts of birds, including a swan once on the lake at the Waterside! It's important to us that we support all animals that live on our grounds.