Stylish Success at Middleton Hall & David Nieper Fashion Event

Middleton Hall Retirement Village recently hosted a vibrant David Nieper fashion event, drawing residents, co-owners, and fashion enthusiasts alike to celebrate style and community spirit.

The event kicked off with enlightening talks delving into the rich history of the David Nieper brand, known for its timeless elegance and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Highlighting the day was a captivating fashion show, where Middleton Hall’s own co-owners and independent residents took to the runway, showcasing the latest collections with poise and confidence.

Attendees had ample opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of fashion, with multiple chances to try on and purchase garments directly from the collection.

For more information, or to order from David Nieper, please visit their website HERE

For more information on events coming up at Middleton Hall Retirement Village, visit the link HERE

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