Staying Safe Online

Age UK’s digital inclusion project coordinator delivered a talk to Middleton Hall residents on staying safe online. Although getting online can make life easier, it comes with the added risk of scams and fraud which based on the statistics below, are becoming increasingly common. Age UK’s project mission is to educate the older generation on what to look out for, and what to do if you suspect a scam.


The agenda for the talk covered topics such as

  • What is cyber security
  • Why should I worry?
  • Types of malware
  • Anti Virus software
  • Deep web/Dark web
  • A word on social media

The talk was well attended by both independent and care residents who took a lot of valuable information away with them and we can’t wait for future talks with Age UK.

If you’d like more information about staying safe online, from Age UK’s dedicated page on making the most out of the internet, Click here

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