Staff Celebrate Successes of 2015

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913What better theme for a staff event than Celebrating Success? 2015 was a fantastic year for staff achievements and a memorable evening was spent doing just that – Celebrating.

The dress code was ‘fun and frivolous’  and we wasted no time in delving into the extensive prop box. The numerous photo booth pictures are testament to the exuberance of the evening.

We also sampled the Middleton Hall Mixology Cocktail Bar. Just to be polite, naturally. Middleton Mojito anyone?

Jeremy officially introduced the evening, making it clear that it is the successes of the staff that were being celebrated. We smiled as we watched a montage depicting the year’s highlights. It was a reminder of just how many activities and events we support here. We work not alone but in teams both in our own areas of the organisation and in larger teams that represent Middleton Hall as a whole. We clearly have a lot of fun together.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner cooked by the Kitchen team. The tables were literally turned as staff sat at tables and were waited on by managers.










Debby and then Lesley took to the podium to introduce the awards, firstly for the qualifications achieved by our staff and secondly for staff who received recognition for long service. It was heartening to hear the completely unprompted cheers for all the people whose photographs featured in the presentation. Congratulations to everyone who stepped up to receive awards.

The performance by Abbamania was the perfect way to close the evening’s celebrations. Gail and Erica – you were fantastic. Thank you so much. Bjorn and Benny (alias Fiona and Debby) you were unforgettable! The entire performance, full of high spirits and good humour, exactly reflected the kind of night it turned out to be. We danced and sang together until sadly it was all over and we had to make our way home.

5 years croppedIMG_3200 (534x800)










15 years   cropped

10 years cropped











Barbara & Sheenagh cropped









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