Spirits Soar at Sight of Bomber

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Lancaster BomberSpirits were high of both the young and old, as residents, family members and staff watched intensely as the WWII Lancaster Bomber soared through the skies over Middleton Hall.

The Mynarksi Bomber, named after heroic Andrew Mynarski was the main attraction of the Celebration Day at Durham Tees Valley Airport. Luckily for Middleton Hall residents, they did not have to move far to witness and enjoy this wartime spectacle.

A marquee with table and chairs had been erected for residents to sit and enjoy the airshow whilst enjoying an important British tradition, afternoon tea.

The Lancaster took off in full sight and looped right above Middleton Hall twice. As the bomber flew over the heads of the excited crowd, flags were waved and cheers were heard, many not quite believing how low and close the famous WWII symbol actually came. For many, it felt like they were being treated to their own personal performance of this wartime hero.

The day was particularly poignant for a number of our residents, including Muriel Jack who’s husband, Guy Jack, flew a Lancaster Bomber during the war. Photographs of Mr Jack’s adventures were displayed for everyone to see.

Memories came flooding back for resident Len Turner,  who actually worked on the Aircraft instruments for the Lancaster Bomber. Mr Turner said “The experience of seeing the Lancaster take off was just excellent. I found it very emotional to see the Lancaster once again – after all it has been 75 years since I last worked on it.”

It really was a fantastic afternoon evoking old memories and creating new ones for all to cherish.

Lancaster Bomber DayLancaster Bomber Day






Lancaster BomberLancaster Bomber Day





Lancaster Bomber DayLancaster Bomber Day

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