Simply the West!

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Audra & Abby croppedSENIOR staff  found themselves behind bars as they strode into town in their best cowboy clobber. But their spell in jail was all part of the fun as they joined residents, staff and villagers for the annual fun day.

The manicured gardens of the hall were turned into a Wild West set with a traditional saloon, county jail, a ranch and the all-essential watering hole, while theme tunes from Western classics filled the air. The props were hand made by the maintenance team, including the stage and tables which were made using used pallets and used cable drums saved from the building of the Waterside. Audra Hunt, our Living Well manager, painted all the sets by hand.

The best-dressed cowboy and cowgirl competition was won by Waterside resident Tony Dalby and staff member Barbara Darker while young Sam Richardson, five, was named best-dressed young cowboy.

The Outlaws were formed especially for the event and comprised of residents, Brian Richards and David Burgoyne plus John Bright of nearby Middleton St George.

Games included cactus hoopla, under the arches, wagon wheel of fortune and tin can shoot, while prizes included money bags filled with gold, gingham booty bags, fruit bags, popcorn and toy guns which were a great hit with the children, staff and residents alike.

Jeremy Walford, Middleton Hall’s managing director, said: “When 2pm struck and everyone rolled into town, I knew the Wild West Fun Day was going to be a memorable afternoon. The Fun Day has become the village’s main annual event for residents, staff and family members. There is something for everyone, both young and old and this year has been no different. Residents and staff were all busy making their outfits prior to the day and some of them were completely inspired.”

The event was free and donations  for the Alzheimer’s Society were much appreciated.

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