Sharp Intake Hit the Right Note for Fundraising Night

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A standing ovation was given by residents, staff, friends and families on Saturday evening as Sharp Intake, the Leeds-based seven-piece jazz band completed their final song of the night, Route 66 at Middleton Hall Retirement Village’s charity concert.

The charity concert was in aid of the Alzheimer’s society, Middleton Hall’s chosen charity for 2014 with all proceeds going towards it.

Over 40 people enjoyed the evening at Middleton Hall listening to a number of classic jazz numbers both traditional and new.  Songs such as ‘Take the Train’ and ‘I’m in the mood for love’ were performed beautifully by lead vocalist Sammy King superbly supported by Ruth Ker on Double Bass,  Steve Simkins on Trombone, James on Sax and Joe Kent and Les France on keyboard and drums respectively.   Percussionist Geoff Smith kept the audience entertained with his tireless dexterity and at times comedic renditions on both xylophone and bongo drums.

A few residents donned their dancing shoes and joined band members for a quick turn round the dance floor.

Rapturous applause could also be heard throughout the room when Middleton Woods’ resident, Brian Richards, 83, joined the band for a couple of songs in the first half. Brian who only took up playing the guitar since moving to Middleton Hall, but rapidly turning into a seasoned pro, was delighted to join Sharp Intake for a couple of songs.

Jeremy Walford, Managing Director remarked, “From everyone’s faces and cheers, we can safely say this has been a very enjoyable night for all and in a good cause. This event will have raised just under £1000 for the charity in ticket and raffle sales. This is just one of the many fundraising events Middleton Hall is putting on this year to help raise money for the charity. I for one am running the London Marathon after getting the bug last year from running my first half marathon, the Great North Run.”

Mr Peter and Jean Stanley were delighted winners of the Main Raffle prize winning a huge hamper.

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