Running the Extra Mile…

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Image taken from the Great North Run website.

At Middleton Hall, we’re well aware that everyone who works here is incredible, but sometimes a Co-owner will go that little bit further, and we just have to talk about it.

Sarah Ratcliffe

Sarah Ratcliffe from Middleton Court has made the brave decision to run the Great North Run in September this year. She’s doing it to raise money for Brain Research UK, in memory of her Auntie.

“She always instilled in me to be kind to others, to have strength and to look to a hopeful future. This is her continued legacy.”

The Great North Run (for those who don’t know much about it) is a half marathon that stretches from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to South Shields, and this is its 40th year. This is just over 13 miles (21km), which is an amazing goal to aim for, and a great thing to do for charity.

Please donate to Sarah’s JustGiving page – the link is below. Every pound counts, so forgo that bottle of wine and throw a few pounds in Sarah’s pot this week. There will also be a sponsorship sheet going up in the Co-owner’s break room. And don’t forget to wish her luck when September rolls around!


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