Ringtons Coffee and Tea Tasting

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Alan, Robsons and Len Turner


Guests and RingtonsThe Ringtons coffee and tea tasting session was not only a pleasure but a useful and practical way of ensuring that our future drinks menus are going to be enjoyed by those who actually live and work here.

A selection of coffees and teas was prepared to order, with tasting notes and response cards for all interested residents, guests and staff. Craig Lazenby from Ringtons was on hand to give further information about all the blends and coffee bean processing. The delicious little cakes were a welcome addition to the serious job of tasting.

Our guests included a resident that really knows his Arabica from his Robusta, having worked for many years in Research and Development for major food and coffee suppliers all over the world. Another resident was able to verify Ringtons’ credentials of tradition by recounting her childhood memories of the Ringtons horse and cart that used to do the rounds by her home in Hartlepool.

The tasting is an important part of a process managed by Pam Mooney, recently appointed Operations Director. Pam is keen to take into account everyone’s views as she designs the future offerings at Middleton Hall. Indeed, a further tasting session of wine, hosted by local merchant Bon Coeur, will be held in the Conservatory at 4.30pm on Thursday 24th May.

Watch this space for news of developments! We look forward to new drinks menus for the Orangery and Restaurant, an afternoon tea menu and an exciting programme of themed Restaurant evenings.

Ringtons Taster Cards


Craig Lazenby

Family Living and Ringtons







Admin and Ringtons

Pam and Ringtons






Alan at Ringtons

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