Residents “Cash”- in on Burn’s Night Promise

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A few drams and a 5-gallon hat helped Middleton Woods resident Brian Richards wow his fellow residents at an afternoon concert in The Restaurant on Saturday 11th May. Country & Western playing Brian delivered on a promise to Jeremy Walford made during the party atmosphere at this year’s Burn’s Supper.

Brian, who only started to learn the guitar in the last 12 months coupled with the prospect of performing live, caused him to really focus on his guitar practice since that whisky-fuelled conversation. Rumour has it that Audra Hunt, used the same medicine to help ward off a little stage fright prior to his rapturously received renditions.

Sporting his cowboy hat, black shirt, and acoustic guitar the Middleton Hall audience could have been forgiven in thinking they had Johnny Cash in their midst – although given their plush surroundings they certainly were not “Live at San Quentin”!

Ably backed by Christos, the concert was such a success with all residents singing along. It was so popular, the performance had to be repeated the following Monday in Middleton Court for the many residents who could not be seated at the original “sell-out” gig.

We look forward to further dates in the future.

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