A Pumpkin Fairytale

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IMG_2037 (1024x683)Once upon a time… these ordinary looking pumpkin seeds were planted in our organic beds. They flourished with Middleton Hall love and attention. We watched as, over the weeks and months, the pumpkin patches bore the most magnificent specimens. Cinderella herself would have been impressed.



Pumpkin patch 1



One beautiful sunny day in early October, the pumpkins were ready to be picked. They made a very pretty pile.









Like the other fruits and vegetables grown in the community allotments, the pumpkins were utilised in a most sustainable way and benefitted our community. The kitchen team got busy making delicious pumpkin soup for us to enjoy in the Orangery and the services. The services then shared out the pumpkin shells and demonstrated both their artistic flair and competitive streaks. Family Living won the competition for the best carved pumpkin design… and of course we all lived happily ever after.

Halloweeen 2015 1st

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