Plaques created for Reflection Area

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Independent resident Dr Les Simpson who lives in The Waterside has created two plaques which have been put on display at the new Reflection Area along the Woodland Walk.

These were made in Middleton Hall’s on-site art studio with each plaque taking at least three days to create.

Dr Simpson explained that they were designed to be a source of static beauty so there is always something attractive to take in when people visit the reflection area, no matter what the weather.

Below are some images of the plaques in situ.

One of our Co-owners enjoying the view at our reflection area.

Dr Simpson added that the doves in the plaque (pictured below) represent peace, which aims to bring a sense of tranquility to observers as they relax in the reflection area.

On the second plaque, he explained The butterfly on this plaque (below) represents hope and a better future for all. Butterflies are the product of huge transformation and aim to make the most of their time on Earth. Similarly, the coronavirus pandemic has been a period of huge change for many and we must now look to make the most of our time again.

These plaques are both available to view at the Reflection Area which can be found at location 7 on the Woodland Walk on the map below.

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