Just like all the other areas of Middleton Hall, activities are organised so that every resident leads as full a life as they wish. However, in Middleton Oaks, activity is also likely to be geared around everyday, pleasurable activities that someone really enjoys but might need support in carrying out.

Every week, staff and residents discuss what they would like to do in the coming days. This forms a plan and can be loose or structured – it really depends on how people feel at the time.

  • Trips – typical outings are to Preston Park at nearby Stockton, Tees Barrage, fish and chips at Redcar beach, Locomotion Rail Museum, Richmond … suggestions are always welcome.
  • Arts, crafts and games – there is always a jigsaw in progress and often there is someone up for a game or two. These might not always be conventional! As well as traditional, popular games like dominoes, we play things like boules in the corridor. Residents have been baking and selling bread to raise money to buy a set of carpet golf.
    Staff and residents have proved themselves to be clever crafters. Jewellery boxes, decorated wreaths, quilting, doll making, scarecrows … it’s all going on.
  • Events – Middleton Oaks hosts some spectacular ‘do’s’ and preparation for these is a feature of activity planning. In a typical year, it hosts three themed coffee mornings for the rest of Middleton Hall to attend, a summer BBQ for family and friends, and a Christmas party. They also participate keenly in village events (often they are the winner of the various competitions!)
  • Allotment plot – Middleton Oaks proudly tends their own raised bed, growing and collecting vegetables. Sage and Cranberry are the resident chickens.
  • Daily life – tasks such as bed making, hoovering, hanging out washing, setting the table, peeling potatoes and sweeping the Winter garden are all examples of what residents often find great satisfaction in doing.