Middleton Hall Employee Owned

September 10th 2018 was a landmark date in the Middleton Hall journey with the announcement by Managing Director, Jeremy Walford that Middleton Hall was to become an ‘employee owned’ company from April 2019. This exciting news for Middleton Hall, particularly for staff and residents, and initiates the next chapter for the Village.

Although employee owned companies are still relatively small in number in England, momentum is growing as evidence emerges of its many benefits. Well-known companies such as John Lewis, Waitrose, Tiptree, Riverford and Cambridge Weight Plan are all examples of employee owned companies. Moving to employee ownership will build on the vision and values that Middleton Hall lives by currently and provides a sustainable plan for the long term, ensuring continued investment, high staff engagement and customer focus.

Please read Jeremy’s personal EO statement here, in which he explains why he thinks employee ownership is the way forward for Middleton Hall’s employees, residents and the whole community.