Middleton Hall Rises to the Rio Olympic Challenge

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IMG_7807 (800x533)

IMG_7541 (2)Not to be outdone by Team GB, Middleton Hall launched its own Rio Olympic Challenge.

The challenge was launched by … what else … a Torch Relay! This lively and very noisy event set the tone for the following 12 days of Rio themed fun. The objective was to try some new activities and enjoy some favourites that were given a distinctly Brazilian flavour.

A competitive element was central and activities were designed so that there really was something for everyone. All residents were challenged to participate in sporting and sociable activities, with medals awarded for achievement throughout.

The lengthy list of events included Samba style aqua and exercise classes, Olympic Rings, Shot putt and Orienteering challenges. The two annual sports days took place firstly for Residents and then Residents v Staff.

Less physical but just as important were an Olympic quiz, special film screening and a magnificent Rio style Afternoon Tea Fiesta. Our own Olympic mascot, named in a competition by a resident, presided throughout.

Residents were evidently keen to flex their competitive muscles and achieved an impressive medal tally to rival Team GB. The  Team GB total of medals in London 2012 was 48. The Middleton Hall total well exceeded this! There was a lot of laughter and definite sense of mission accomplished.

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