Middleton Hall pays respects to Queen Elizabeth II in London

One of our Co-owner’s, Wendy- a carer in Catkin House, told us all about her experience whilst visiting the Queen lying in state in London. She kindly took a card signed by residents to lay in Green park along with the thousands of other flowers and cards laid in remembrance. Continue reading to find out more about her time in London.

“I had told residents of Catkin that I was going to see our Queen lying in state and they were all very interested and concerned I was going alone but I explained it was something I needed to do. They asked what would I be doing so I said I was going to take a card and some flowers and I was going to place them at Green Park and I would visit Buckingham Palace. On the Wednesday morning on my shift I phoned across to MH asking if it was possible for me to have a card from MH that I could ask residents to sign if they wished to, Colin brought it over for me and after our Quiz I asked if anyone would like to sign it before I left as I was going immediately after my shift and they were all eager to do so .

So I did as I said, once in London I placed the card with flowers at Green Park, it was very emotional doing so and I thought our residents would like to see some pictures on my return…later that night I went to join the queue to see our Queen lying in State .

Being alone was fine because we were all there for the same reason to pay our final respects, chatting with people around in the queue they were surprised I’d travelled so far alone but I said I’m not alone that I’m doing this with as my residents are all here with me. I was saying goodbye from us all and not once did I think I would leave the queue”

“I joined the queue at 9.30 pm on the Wednesday and went to pay respects at 5.42am Thursday luckily only 8 + hours

This was a very emotional experience I felt very overwhelmed and emotional as I saw the changing of the guard, I stopped to curtsy whilst holding back my tears as I said thank you then once I left I was overwhelmed. TV cameras were set up on leaving but I just said good morning and walked on by after spending a few minutes with a lady I was stood next to for the 8 hrs.

I then got to my hotel for some rest, had a shower then got ready to check out. I spent the day returning to Green Park and surrounding areas before heading back home”

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