Middleton Gardens Barbeque

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Middleton Gardens – Barbeque

On a wave of enthusiasm from early summer sunshine, the kitchen team bravely put on the ultimate wet day inducing event for the residents of Middleton Gardens.  A previous barbeque was memorably held in one of the worst summer downpours ever, so the kitchen team were a little apprehensive about what they might do to the British summer by organising another one.

However, such pessimism proved ill founded…..

The barbeque was one of our regular events held for residents and their guests.  A good number of families and friends attended and, along with residents, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon resulted.

The kitchen produced a terrific range of food around the barbeque including:

Ribeye Steak


Homemade Burgers

Cajun Chicken

Cumberland Sausage

All served with salads and dips

This was followed by Strawberries and Cream

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