Detailed below are answers to many questions that have previously been asked. This is not an exhaustive list. Do please contact us if you have a different question.

Are regular trips out organised?

A. Yes, trips to local places of interest take place each week. We have two minibuses, offering a chance for everyone to join in.

Is there a local bus service?

A. Yes, the 12 / 12A from Darlington town centre stops at the rear entrance to Middleton Hall.

Are there visiting hours?

A. No, visitors are welcome anytime. There are no set visiting hours.

Can I have visitors to stay overnight or longer?

A. Yes, there is a guest suite in Middleton Grove for visitors. Booking is advisable.

Will I have a telephone line?

A. Yes, a telephone line is available in all rooms, included in the care fees.

Is there a good mobile phone coverage?

A. It is possible to use a mobile phone throughout most of Middleton Hall. Please check our postcode (DL2 1HA) for the specific coverage with your provider.

Can I decorate my suite/room to my own tastes?

A. Yes, with our agreement. Middleton Hall is responsible for the refurbishment of all rooms. Any unauthorised changes to the room would be chargeable.

Can I bring some of my own furniture?

A. Yes. Residents are encouraged to bring some of their own furniture and personal items, depending on the room size. Pictures are permitted on the walls.

Are there restrictions on how I can personalise my patio

A. A sensible amount of furniture, pot plants and a bird feeder would be considered. For any other items, please ask first.

Can I move to a different area of Middleton Hall if my circumstances change?

A.Yes. Priority is given to all existing residents, over and above anyone else on the waiting list.

Can I bring a pet to live with me?

A. Pets are allowed at Middleton Hall but must be assessed prior to reservation.

What is Christmas like at Middleton Hall?

A. Christmas is a lovely time of year here. There is a full programme of events, with special menus in The Restaurant and Orangery. All areas are decorated by staff and residents and families are welcome at all times.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

A. We would encourage you to speak to your manager first. There is a full complaints procedure on display within Middleton Hall as well as on this website.