Mabel has a lot to crow about

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A few new faces have been seen in the allotments at Middleton Hall this week and nothing like your average gardeners.

Over the past few months, the new community allotments have attracted a lot of interest and have been a labour of love for many. So imagine the slight concern when the allotments started to receive some unwanted attention. As the fruit and vegetables began to flourish, visits increased from unwanted feathered guests that sparked a creative idea from Audra Hunt, the Living Well Manager. We need some scarecrows… and that’s where it all started.

Scarecrows on ShowSince that point, residents and staff were seen busying themselves working together to develop their creations. This week saw those creations come to life when displayed in public for the judging of the Middleton Hall Scarecrow competition. So life like were these scarecrows that one member of staff was heard talking merrily away until realising their error!

Residents, staff and visitors all gathered to witness the works of arts that included a rather snazzy cleaner Mabel, a jolly window cleaner called William, a keen and avid cyclist, Herbert the farmer, lovely Aunt Sally and a rather feisty looking showjumper.

However, it was not until they were outside in the allotments when they really came to life. William, the window cleaner had one additional job to complete and that was to ensure the green house windows were sparkling for the Northumbria in Bloom judges scheduled visit.

William, the window CleanerChoosing a winner of the scarecrow competition was a difficult task however Cynthia Scott, the Northumbria in Bloom judge generously agreed and was delighted to do the honours.

After much deliberation, the overall winner chosen was Mabel, the jolly cleaner created by Middleton Gardens residents and staff. However, all teams were highly commended for the effort, hard work and creativity that had gone into the making of the scarecrows.

Jeremy Walford, Managing Director said “When I walked round the allotments I had to look twice to be sure exactly what I was seeing. I even nearly tapped the window cleaner on the shoulder to tell him what a good job he was doing. This has been such an interactive, fun and worthwhile project for all the staff and residents. The creativity of people at Middleton Hall continues to astound me.”

Middleton Gardens’ residents and staff were delighted that Mabel mopped up first prize.

Aunt Sally

Middleton Gardens residents and staff celebrating their win

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