Annual Fun Day

Every year, Middleton Hall takes pride in its infamous Fun Day. As well as proving to be a super occasion for all who come along, it is the culmination of several weeks of cheerful activity in Middleton Grove, Gardens, Court and Oaks.

The last few years have seen themes such as a Fun Fair, the Wild West, Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. Following on from the success of last years event, on 7th September 2019, we will host the second Village Show, with competition classes featuring fruits, vegetables, handicrafts and …. dogs! We really go to town and create scenery, props galore, costumes, games, entertainment, themed food and drink … It is most definitely a case of the staff and residents working together, with many of the above being prepared in craft sessions leading up to the date.

This free event is a lovely opportunity for all residents, staff and their families across the retirement village to spend time together. Children enjoy the occasion as much as anyone else. The photographs below are testament to the … FUN day!