Helfy Way of Life at Middleton Hall

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FACES of visitors this week were a real picture as they were enthusiastically welcomed by a troop of elves. We chose to support The Alzheimer’s Society who had urged workplaces, families, friends and volunteers to get into the festive spirit and organise a fundraising National Elf Day.

Middleton Hall was transformed into Santa’s workshop for the day with staff and residents dressing up as elves.

Both residents and staff enjoyed a fun filled coffee morning, taking part in a host of activities including the Elf quiz. Laughter was heard as the best elf jokes were told, elf decorated cakes and biscuits devoured and fruit platters enjoyed as the more h’elfy option. However the pinnacle of the day was the singing performance by the Middleton Hall Choir, who donned their elf hats and Christmas apparel and performed a range of Christmas carols to a very appreciative audience.

Lesley Henderson, Director, said “Both our residents and staff really got into the festive spirit. Everyone both young and old, participated in the elf fun and took part in the fundraising activities. We raised hundreds of pounds for The Alzheimer’s Society. Enjoying the carols sung by our choir was however the climax of the morning resulting in riotous applause to the Jingle Bells encore. We hope the elves will be back next year for more”.




















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