Guide to Downsizing

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 Don’t panic!

Property downsizing can feel like a big step; first due to moving out of somewhere you might have lived for a long time, but not forgetting the stress of having to make everything you own fit in a smaller space! But this doesn’t mean it is a negative thing, and changing your attitude towards it is often a great help.

Having one too many empty rooms and struggling with household chores is often the first sign that downsizing should be an option. It can definitely be hard to move out of a home – especially ones that have had families grow up in them – but for many it is the sensible next step. The act of downsizing isn’t in itself a move “down”, if anything it’s a move “up” – to a neater, more compact space where you can start to explore your new stage of life.

Think about more than just the property…

It’s not just the physical property to consider, but its location, the local amenities, the community, security, and opportunities available.

  • Do family or friends live nearby?
  • Can you connect to the people in your community?
  • How easy is it to get to the nearest GP?
  • What’s the nearest supermarket?
  • Do you need somewhere to walk the dog?

Even if you’re only moving down the road, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and your needs, especially if they’re subject to change.

Stay open-minded

Often downsizing is a lovely time for families to help sort through possessions; it brings back memories and gives a chance to evaluate the significance of everything that’s been amassed over the years. Having this opportunity is invaluable and means everything you bring to your smaller property is important to you – exactly what you need around you in this new stage.

Resisting the call to downsize will not make it go away – and keeping an open mind when researching the sort of place that you’d like to move to is important. Retirement villages like ours are a diverse community of new friends, background support, and future prospects, and we would love to have you.

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