Feathered friends at Middleton Hall

Middleton Hall is home to a great expanse of grounds which houses a wide variety of different habitats. Since 2010, residents and co-owners have been eagle-eyed in spotting 97 species of various birds which have now been recorded. To view the updated bird species list, and to read more about the bird life at Middleton hall, please click the photo above to take you to the document.

Bird watchers across Middleton Hall are also keen to spot 100 bird species. There have been a few unconfirmed sightings of the following birds: Little Egret, Red Kite, Coot, Red-legged Partridge, Stonechat & Reed Warbler. Of these, it is thought that the Little Egret and Red Kite are most likely to be seen around the grounds.

The Little Egret is part of the Herons, Storks & Ibises family and can be described as a small white heron with white plumes on crest, back and chest, black legs and bill with yellow feet. Little Egrets can be seen all year around although numbers do increase in autumn and winter as birds arrive from the continent so now is the perfect time to spot them around the grounds!

The Red Kite is part of the Kites, Hawks and Eagles family and can be described as having a reddish-brown body, angled wings and deeply forked tail. Kites can be seen all year around and search for food in wooded valleys, pasture and open countryside, therefore a high likelihood to be spotted at Middleton Hall.

As well as birds, with autumn now here and the abundance of acorns and chestnuts falling to the ground, it is the perfect opportunity to see a variety of wildlife such as grey squirrels, jays and small mammals gathering stocks of food for the winter.

And as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm! It is best to head outdoors at dawn as birds sleep at night and are hungry in the morning so be sure to keep an eye out when out and about the estate or make a trip to our bird hide to see some activity.

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