Exciting Finds at Metal Detecting Workshop

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A resident struck …. not gold, but copper at the recent Estates workshop. The group was using a metal detector to explore the Middleton Hall grounds in an entirely new way.

The find was a ‘Cartwheel Coin’ – a two pence coin, unusually made from solid copper and presenting the head of George III. Quick research shows these coins to have been minted only in the year 1797.

The coin may be a link to New South Wales in Australia, to where 18,000 of these coins were exported, and/or to the military. The year pre-dates the first known history of Middleton Hall being built on the land in 1820.

Other ‘treasure’ included small aluminium parts thought to have possibly come from an aeroplane which crashed onto the Middleton Hall site in WW2.

All in all, it was a very interesting morning.

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