Durham Wildlife Trust Butterfly Project

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The £1,137 raised by Middleton Hall for Durham Wildlife Trust is being used to fund a very important project in our area.  The project involves recreating the right environment in the North East for The small pearl-bordered fritillary, a rare butterfly whose numbers have been dramatically declining in recent years.

As well as raising funds for Durham Wildlife Trust for the next year, we are also helping in any other ways we can.  For instance, with this project we are helping to grow specific wild plants in our greenhouse which are needed to help restore habitats to support the small pearl-bordered fritillary and other rare species.

For further information on this project please see the write up by Durham Wildlife Trust on the flight of the small pearl-bordered fritillary on our notice board.  If you feel you would like to help further in any way please see David Richardson (Head of Operations) or Charlie Chapel (Recreation Guide).

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