Proud to provide hotel standard menus and service

Residents of Middleton Gardens and Middleton Court are served breakfast, lunch and dinner in their own dining rooms or personal rooms. Residents of Middleton Grove choose an arrangement that suits them best, with options of meals in the Restaurant, the Orangery or prepared by themselves in their own apartment. The provision is ‘person centred’, so that everyone is happy and arrangements are flexible.

Residents of The Waterside and Middleton Woods, families and visitors may choose from a wide range of nutritious, homemade recipes and menus, served in the relaxed setting of the Orangery or the more traditional Restaurant.

We have a passionate team of chefs, kitchen and waiting staff. It is also a very friendly team, who enjoy getting to know residents, families and Spa members very well.

Residents regularly enjoy celebrating their special times with their own event at Middleton Hall. To help you plan smoothly, we have a banqueting service that features all those essential ingredients for a memorable occasion.