Current Sustainability Efforts

January 2020

Our last meeting discussed the following items, which are all being looked at by the relevant people.

  • Checking our printing statistics and seeing what we can do to reduce how much paper we use, which areas use printing the most, and what times of year lead to higher paper usage/how we can monitor that and adapt.
  • Looking for reusable laundry bags for our Family Living, who do their own washing rather than having it done in the Laundry facilities on site as part of encouraging independence.
  • On trays for residents' food we've been using paper doilies when it's being brought to their room, but hoping to try out some reusable plastic or cloth ones to reduce the single use paper.
  • Starting to plan what will be grown on site this year in terms of produce.
  • We want to promote our Cycle To Work scheme more as it's starting to get lighter longer during the day, so people are more likely to be open to cycling.