Chickens ‘cheep’-ing spirits high

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The chickens at Middleton Hall have been a fixture at Middleton Hall for many years and bring joy to those around them.

Our poultry are split into two groups, one that lives on our allotment, and one that lives by Middleton Oaks. The eggs from these groups go to separate locations – the allotment birds lay eggs that go either to the main Kitchen for use in cooking, or to the Stables shop, where any residents, family members or Co-owners can purchase them on a Pick Your Own basis.

The birds in Middleton Oaks lay eggs that get used in Middleton Oaks’ cooking, as the service has meals prepared separately to the Kitchen. This is an element of Middleton Oak’s ‘Family Living’ attitude, where they are self-sufficient in terms of both laundry and cooking. Residents are encouraged to participate in the day-to-day running as much as possible, helping with food preparation, essential tasks like tea-making, and laundry.

Some of the birds had a ‘stay-cation’ in the Supported Living garden for a few weeks this summer, to brighten spirits whilst the Village is in lockdown. Residents enjoyed having some feathered visitors, but the best part was definitely watching the Estates team running around attempting to catch them to take them back again!

Chickens – 1            Estates Team – 0

It has also been lovely for residents to get out and see the chickens on their walks during lockdown, as the allotment is wheelchair-friendly, making it an accessible place for all residents.

The chickens seem to enjoy the visits too!

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