Carbon Neutral Properties

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system

The Waterside properties have a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system (MVHR). This extracts the warm air from the house (kitchen and bathroom fans) and passes it through a heat exchanger in the loft that uses the heat to warm incoming fresh air that is ducted back into the house automatically. This means it is not necessary to open windows for ventilation.

This helps save energy, as it reduces the amount of heating the house requires.

Solar Panels

When purchasing a property from The Waterside, residents own their own PV panels (Photo-voltaic/Solar panels). This ensures that they receive the highest rate of Feed in Tariff (FiT). The FiT is a government incentive for renewable energy that is paid for each unit of electricity generated – they receive this directly. The electricity can either be used in the property (or to charge an electric car!) or sold back to the grid.

Wood Burning Stoves

Waterside properties all have a wood-burning stove inside, which can help significantly during the winter. We have a log shed on site that is always full of prepared logs, and are available for purchase by residents.