Breaking News New temporary site for GP Surgery


Over the last few months Middleton Hall has been in discussion with the partners at Felix House Surgery about the future of the Middleton St George practice.  As you will be aware, the current surgery is due to close at some point. Although outline planning permission had been granted in the village for a new surgery, no progress has been made about moving to that site. Consequently, it was becoming increasingly likely that Middleton St George would be left without a surgery at all.

Following a series of meetings with the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and NHS Property, we have offered to provide a site at Middleton Hall for a temporary surgery and work on a plan for a new permanent surgery in the longer term.  The temporary surgery would be provided in portacabins alongside a new car park in the field on the east side of the trade entrance drive (right hand side on the way out of Middleton Hall), opposite the Virginia Estate for a period of up to two years. 

This has now been agreed in principle by all parties, subject to a temporary planning application, and the NHS are working with us potentially to have this in place as early as April 2017.   The temporary site will be accessed from the trade entrance. In order to facilitate this, we will be widening the entrance and creating a two lane drive into the site.

At the same time, we have also agreed with the NHS, CCG and the partners of the practice that Middleton Hall would be the best location for a permanent surgery, built in the same field. As Middleton St George grows over the next ten years, Middleton Hall is increasingly central geographically to what is now a small town.

This provides the opportunity to develop an innovative GP practice to meet the future needs of the local community resulting in an improved medical service for our own residents as well as interesting possibilities for working collaboratively with the surgery in the future.

With the support of the various stakeholders, we will be applying for planning permission for a permanent surgery for Middleton St George in the same location during 2017.

We will be sharing more information about this in the New Year but wanted to let everyone know the good news before Christmas.