Boxing Day Bravery

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David Richardson, Alan Grainge and Carolyn Howe did Middleton Hall proud in a show of solidarity with Brian Jones, Mayor of Darlington.

All three members of staff braved the icy winds of the North Sea coast and ran into the waters at Hartlepool for the annual fundraising dip. Hard to believe for some, they all said how much they enjoyed the experience! There was lots of laughter and a great atmosphere as the Mayor and other fearless dippers sported various different costumes.

David Richardson deserves special mention. He raised £230 for the Mayor’s charities by completing his own personal challenge. During 2016 he set himself the target of running a very impressive 1,000 miles. The final, thousandth mile was completed as he ran into the sea. A fantastic achievement.

The goal of Living Well is always encouraged at Middleton Hall and David, Alan and Carolyn have gone to extremes to prove it!


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