Blankets of Kindness

Middleton Hall Retirement Village was filled with warmth and music recently, as residents celebrated the success of their Knit and Natter initiative with a special visit from The Salvation Army. At their weekly gathering, residents dedicated their time and creativity to knitting blankets, crafting each one with care and compassion. The project, which began in December 2023 and concluded in May 2024, resulted in the creation of 21 beautifully knitted blankets.

The initiative was not just about crafting blankets; it was a labour of love aimed at making a meaningful contribution to the community. Motivated by a desire to support a good cause and infuse purpose into their group, the residents poured their hearts into every blanket they knitted. Throughout the months, friendships were made, stories were shared, and a strong sense of camaraderie flourished among the knitting circle.

During the celebration, The Salvation Army brought a choir, who sung heartfelt melodies, adding to the joyous atmosphere to the event.

We can’t wait to see what the next project will be for our Knit and Natter group! Watch this space

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