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Jabberwocky comes to Middleton Hall!

Something very different happened at Middleton Hall today!

Jabberwocky Market’s Pop up Theatre came to visit. This local group is putting on two shows (11.00am and 2.00pm) each day on Friday and Saturday 10-11th May. Aimed at families, the lively performance of ‘Noisy Holiday’ appeals to all ages and involves a giant fish and a mountain rescue helicopter as well as screen, electric guitar and a bubble machine. Great fun.

Jabberwocky Market seeks unusual venues for it’s professional shows. Bristol-based Kid Carpet and the Noisy Animals produce and perform this particular show and thought that Middleton Hall would be an ideal place to be. We agreed! Today we welcomed nursery children and residents. The Saturday shows are almost sold out and we expect a mixed audience of all ages.


Allotments Going from Strength to Strength

The allotments are looking fantastic. Residents and staff have worked very hard together to develop the area, perfect for its sunny, sheltered position. They have;

  • painted the raised beds, sheds, gates, furniture and the new pergola
  • fixed up the potting shed
  • built a wonderful run and home for the chickens (the eggs are delicious by the way)
  • constructed more flower beds, and
  • built a BBQ of brick

…. and they’re not finished yet! Next on the list is renovation of the fences, installation of a pizza oven, development of an outdoor kitchen and bar areas, communal herb bed and a strawberry bed.

The allotment area has been christened as a social hub with a BBQ attended by abut 20 people. Roll on summer!

Village Show – Classes Confirmed



Good news! the list of classes for the upcoming Village Show is confirmed, below (it’s two-sided – use the arrows at the end of page 1).

Everyone is able to get crafting, jamming, growing and painting. The inaugural Village Show in 2018 was spectacular and this year’s event promises to be another wonderful day showcasing the many talents of our community,

The programme will be available in early August. In the meantime, if you have any questions please ask at reception.

Easter Sunday Lunch - 1st April

Middleton Hall becomes Employee Owned!

A historic moment for Middleton Hall as Jeremy Walford, directors and trustees sign the deed of trust that completes the transition of the company to becoming 100% employee owned.

The signing is the culmination of a long period of planning. Employees right across the company have taken part in the process and Co-owner Forum Representatives and Trustees have been voted in.  Please read on to learn about the background and the benefits of this decision.

Trustees Now Voted in!

Congratulations! Sheenagh Young and Gail Jones have been voted by other staff members company-wide as the two employee trustees on the Trust Board.

Both are also representatives on the 8-strong Co-owner Forum. Here, they will air and debate the views and ideas of the staff in their own team groupings. As trustees, Sheenagh and Gail will take this role further, acting on behalf of the organisation as a whole.

Sheenagh joined Middleton Hall in 2010. She was first responsible for all Housekeeping and Front of House services before being promoted to Family Living Manager, now Middleton Oaks in 2014. Her commitment and passion in providing care to our residents is clear.

Gail began as a Carer in Middleton Gardens in 2011 and has since then got to know Middleton Hall very well by working in Family Living, the Accounts team and currently as Receptionist. She is well loved and trusted by staff and residents alike.

This is a very exciting time for Sheenagh, Gail and Middleton Hall as a whole. The organisation transitions to becoming employee owned on 2nd April. Everything is now in place!

29th March …. A Deal to Celebrate at Middleton Hall!

At the end of last year our project team debated about the dates for completion and celebration of Middleton Hall’s transition to Employee Ownership. We had always planned the completion of “the deal” for the end of March, our year end. Setting the day for the party to celebrate was slightly contentious amongst the project team as the obvious Friday was March 29th. “Surely we can’t have a party on Brexit Day” commented one of the team. Visions of our party being interrupted by Remain Activists assuming we were celebrating leaving the EU swirled around.

We concluded that it could be a good news story amongst all the Brexit angst. And at least one cynic stated the UK would not actually leave the EU on March 29th.

And it would appear that Parliament will not be having much of a party on 29th March and Brexit appears to have ground to a halt. Unprecedented chaos in the Houses of Parliament and a government without a Plan B. Or much of a Plan A as it is turning out. Listening to a weary Prime Minister repeat the same mantra that she would deliver what she had promised became increasingly hollow words.

Not so our smooth transition to Employee Ownership.

We have just held the first elections in Middleton Hall’s 119 year history to elect our Co-Owners’ Forum and then Employee Trustees following careful consultation and information. Legal documents in place. New name badges for all 190 Co-Owners ordered. Party planned in careful detail – “A Night of Surprises”.

Our “Night of Surprises” on March 29th will not include changing our mind. Four years of careful research and planning, complete commitment from the shareholders, enthusiasm from our employees, delight from our customers and a great project team to guide the process meant the deal would always be done. And on time.

For one part of the UK there is something significant to celebrate on March 29th.

The first Employee Owned Retirement Village.

An All Action Pancake Day!

Just a bit of fun they said …! The annual Middleton Hall Pancake Race was, as always, a competitive affair.

It truly felt like a village as people from all corners of Middleton Hall came to join in. Luckily chef Alan was on hand to replenish the pancake stocks. We found we had worked up quite an appetite!




The Orangery Erupts in Dancing!

Rat pack singer Trevor Myers proved to be a great success at our ‘Meet & Eat’ night. These sociable events are held twice a month throughout winter. Seasonable doom and gloom are definitely not on the menu.  ​Impromptu dancing broke out on this occasion!

Our talented team of chefs are taking in turns to create a menu – they can’t resist a spot of competition. All in all, a terrific night.

Great British Taste Off!

Residents were led through an exciting wine list by Iain Andrew of Yorkshire Vintners. They were on a mission to select new wines for the Middleton Hall wine list. A serious task indeed, albeit with a lot of laughter!

Eleven red, white and prosecco wines were all given true consideration, plus a gin for juniper fans and some new tonic waters for other discerning palettes.


Spa Challenges for 2019

Looking for an interesting challenge to take you through into 2019? Look no further!

Residents, Spa members and staff alike will all be supported in their chosen goal.





Just an immense feeling of satisfaction when you celebrate your achievement.

Spa Challenges 2019

Spa Challenges 2019