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29th March …. A Deal to Celebrate at Middleton Hall!

At the end of last year our project team debated about the dates for completion and celebration of Middleton Hall’s transition to Employee Ownership. We had always planned the completion of “the deal” for the end of March, our year end. Setting the day for the party to celebrate was slightly contentious amongst the project team as the obvious Friday was March 29th. “Surely we can’t have a party on Brexit Day” commented one of the team. Visions of our party being interrupted by Remain Activists assuming we were celebrating leaving the EU swirled around.

We concluded that it could be a good news story amongst all the Brexit angst. And at least one cynic stated the UK would not actually leave the EU on March 29th.

And it would appear that Parliament will not be having much of a party on 29th March and Brexit appears to have ground to a halt. Unprecedented chaos in the Houses of Parliament and a government without a Plan B. Or much of a Plan A as it is turning out. Listening to a weary Prime Minister repeat the same mantra that she would deliver what she had promised became increasingly hollow words.

Not so our smooth transition to Employee Ownership.

We have just held the first elections in Middleton Hall’s 119 year history to elect our Co-Owners’ Forum and then Employee Trustees following careful consultation and information. Legal documents in place. New name badges for all 190 Co-Owners ordered. Party planned in careful detail – “A Night of Surprises”.

Our “Night of Surprises” on March 29th will not include changing our mind. Four years of careful research and planning, complete commitment from the shareholders, enthusiasm from our employees, delight from our customers and a great project team to guide the process meant the deal would always be done. And on time.

For one part of the UK there is something significant to celebrate on March 29th.

The first Employee Owned Retirement Village.

Open Day Thursday 14th March, 11.00am – 3.00pm

A fabulous opportunity to view the wide range of accommodation and care that we offer.

Come and see our facilities for yourselves. Take a tour, enjoy some refreshments and chat to residents and members of staff. There is lots of information on this website but there is nothing like an actual visit! No booking required, just turn up!

Please contact Caroline Soullier, Client Services Advisor if you would like an alternative appointment to view or you would like to know more.

An All Action Pancake Day!

Just a bit of fun they said …! The annual Middleton Hall Pancake Race was, as always, a competitive affair.

It truly felt like a village as people from all corners of Middleton Hall came to join in. Luckily chef Alan was on hand to replenish the pancake stocks. We found we had worked up quite an appetite!




The Orangery Erupts in Dancing!

Rat pack singer Trevor Myers proved to be a great success at our ‘Meet & Eat’ night. These sociable events are held twice a month throughout winter. Seasonable doom and gloom are definitely not on the menu.  ​Impromptu dancing broke out on this occasion!

Our talented team of chefs are taking in turns to create a menu – they can’t resist a spot of competition. All in all, a terrific night.

Great British Taste Off!

Residents were led through an exciting wine list by Iain Andrew of Yorkshire Vintners. They were on a mission to select new wines for the Middleton Hall wine list. A serious task indeed, albeit with a lot of laughter!

Eleven red, white and prosecco wines were all given true consideration, plus a gin for juniper fans and some new tonic waters for other discerning palettes.


Spa Challenges for 2019

Looking for an interesting challenge to take you through into 2019? Look no further!

Residents, Spa members and staff alike will all be supported in their chosen goal.





Just an immense feeling of satisfaction when you celebrate your achievement.

Spa Challenges 2019

Spa Challenges 2019

A Grand Day Out at the Houses of Parliament

Middleton Hall was delighted to be invited by ARCO to take part in the first parliamentary event for the retirement village sector.

Our aim, with four other similar providers, was to showcase a successful model providing housing, care and support services. ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators) is keen to promote its Vision 2030 initiative, which highlights ways to enable older people to live better lives in later years.

The Houses of Parliament is a fantastic place to spread the word; support for our sector was pledged by over 80 parliamentarians (MPs and Lords) as well as many charity and business leaders.

Chocolate Tasting Sessions to Tickle Taste buds

Residents leapt at the chance to sign up for a Chocolate Tasting Session.

Greg Whalen, who is working at Middleton Hall as part of the Skills for Care graduate programme, decided to use his previous experience to deliver some vary appealing talks. As a student, he also worked for Hotel Chocolat, retailer of all things chocolate as well as other high quality confectionary, wine and spirits. He was keen to share his knowledge of the ‘Bean to Bar’ process.

The sessions not only followed the fascinating production story but included some sampling and even wine pairing. A treat indeed!


Another First! Christmas Party for Staff Children and Grandchildren

In recognition of the enormous commitment the entire Middleton Hall team and their families make, we invited the children and grandchildren of staff to a Christmas party.

Never has the Restaurant had the pleasure of welcoming so many excitable and well behaved children! Some trolls also came to entertain (yes, you did read that correctly. Poppy and Branch are popular characters in the film and TV series). Santa paid a visit too, to everyone’s delight. He was able to stay for an hour or so before disappearing off to finish the rest of his Christmas preparations.

The photos below show the fun that was had. It was a lovely afternoon.

Youngsters and Residents Make a Wish

A special morning indeed; children from St George’s Academy and a local nursery happily accepted an invitation to join us at a festive coffee morning.

All put their minds to making Christmas wishes. Peace and happiness were common themes. These small people certainly made their contribution; there were smiles and chatter all around.

There was some great mingling! With a lovely spirit of understanding, people asked each other about their Christmas experiences both recent and decades ago.

Happy Christmas, children! from all at Middleton Hall. We look forward to meeting you again in 2019.