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Middleton Hall in ‘Top 10 Care Homes in the Country’





It was a pleasure to see Middleton Hall named as one of the Top 10 care homes in England.

Hudgell Solicitors, a London based firm, has compiled the shortlist as part of its Give Me Dignity campaign. This highlights the homes that give exceptional support as well as those that are underperforming, and campaigns for better standards nationwide.

The results are based on the CQC review system. Solicitor Sarah Scully said of Middleton Hall

The people in the facility are loved, protected, respected and cared for with dignity and that’s exactly what we are calling for

Read the article here!

New Garden Opening Ceremony

Philip did the honours and cut the ribbon to officially cut the ribbon to open the new garden at Supported Living, Middleton Gardens.

The garden is a beautiful space, featuring a pathway of pergolas, handmade by our gardening team from reclaimed wood. They lead to a secret garden and fountain. The entire garden, borders, lawn and all, are designed to a strong Mediterranean theme.

The gardening team has gained great pleasure from working together with residents on the project. Having enjoyed tending their own gardens, these people know a thing or two about design and planting! All are delighted with the result and agree that it makes a lovely place to look out onto and spend time in year round.










‘Strawberries & Cream’ Open Afternoon 12th July

A ‘Strawberries and Cream’ Open Afternoon will showcase Middleton Woods apartments on;

Thursday 12th July

12 noon – 7.00pm

We encourage those interested to come along and find out more about the properties, village facilities and opportunities to live well in retirement. The very positive lifestyle offered here is often a pleasant surprise and one that many people who live here say they regret not having considered sooner.

Enjoy some refreshments, have a tour of Middleton Woods and the wider village and ask as many questions as you like. There is also an opportunity to view a one two-bedroom apartment, currently for sale. No need to book!

Official Opening of The Stables Shop

Thank you to Jeanne, Middleton Hall resident who officially opened The Stables Shop by cutting the ribbon today.

The shop, built in the space that was previously the kitchen and once upon a time The Stables, is very much open for business. It stocks what residents have told us they want to buy – convenience goods such as milk and homemade bread, tins and toiletries, as well as treats such as confectionery, jams, marmalades and chutneys. We are pleased to have many local artisan suppliers on board, providing Middleton Hall blend of coffee, cheeses and locally churned butter, for example.

Presiding over the occasion was Hampton, the magnificent cockerel , named after the first visitor to the shop. There was a real buzz as people gathered around with a glass of punch to celebrate the launch.

The Stables Shop will keep the same hours as the Orangery (8.30am – 8.00pm daily). Come along and have a look for yourselves!

The Art Studio and The Library now Open!

We have all watched with interest as the original stables block (formerly the kitchen) has been transformed into an inspiring new space to enjoy.

Saturday saw the opening of The Art Studio and The Library. Residents and staff came to see the result of the conversion and many stayed to take part in sessions giving a taste of things to come.

The Art Studio can be booked at the Spa Reception by any resident, or member of staff for their residents. Over the coming months we will see just how versatile the room can be – what would YOU like to do here? Make jewellery? Paint or draw? Make pottery? Arrange flowers? There are unlimited possibilities – this is your space.

As a great example, resident Les Simpson will give a talk in the Conservatory at 10.00am on Friday 15th June on ‘An Introduction to Pottery’. He has arranged to lead an 8-week course in the Art Studio (soon to also house a pottery kiln) . If interested, please book a place at the Spa Reception. Great stuff!

The new library is a light and airy room for reading or savouring a quiet moment. As well as books, there are DVDs and a PC to use freely. Thanks to residents Mr and Mrs Mackie for their invaluable help in moving the resources from the previous library room.

So this is exciting news for the whole village! Do ask at the Spa if you would like more information, and keep an eye on posters and the TV screen at Reception. We urge you to pay a visit and open your mind as to what it could mean for YOU.







IIP Platinum Award Success

We were absolutely delighted to be awarded the Investors In People Platinum Award by Sheila Warren, Registered IIP Practitioner.

IIP, as it is known, is an international standard that defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people effectively.

The accreditation is a robust one. It involves assessment of all our procedures, such as recruitment, training, leadership, management of change, and communication.

There are three levels of achievement – silver, gold and platinum. We are proud of the platinum award, which only 0.5% of accredited companies worldwide attain. It also reflects progress; Middleton Hall has been IIP accredited since 2002, earning Gold in 2011 and now Platinum. It also means that other organisations in the care sector and beyond will see Middleton Hall as a benchmark to learn from and aspire to.

Sheila Warren said

“It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with Middleton Hall Retirement Village throughout their Investors in People journey. It’s fantastic to witness the investment in staff, which delivers such a great experience for residents and their families.”


Middleton Oaks Celebrates 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday to Middleton Oaks! It is one year since the doors opened and what a lovely year it has been!

Residents and staff organised an afternoon that everyone could enjoy. There was a birthday tea, the piñata game and of course cakes and candles.

Now, Catkin House and Acorn House are two happy, settled households. Residents are supported by a strong team of staff in going about their daily lives. The cooking is amazing, there are always some intriguing crafts and decorations to see, and most importantly, there is a sense of something always going on. Along with the birthday party, the latest event has been the arrival of about 20 Pekin chickens in the neighbouring coop and run.

We watch with interest as Middleton Oaks continues to go from strength to strength.



Jeremy’s Blog – The Power of Love … in Business

The Power of Love … in Business

I found myself watching the Royal Wedding the weekend before last. I was not particularly planning to, but after an interesting debate at Middleton Hall’s Current Affairs discussion group about who should walk Meghan up the aisle (and if the idea of “giving away” the bride fits in modern Britain) I watched with interest.

The modern thinking discussion group felt she should walk herself up the aisle and they were correct, with a little bit of Prince Charles helping out for the last bit.

Two things stood out for me. 96-year-old Prince Philip walking confidently into church without so much as a walking stick, a month after a hip replacement. That shows the attitude needed to get to 96.

And then of course, Rev Michael Curry’s address. Wow. I could hardly believe that I was watching a British Royal Wedding.

Predictably, this week’s discussion group revealed a complete split on the appropriateness of the Bishop’s charismatic address and whether an American Bishop should even be preaching at a British wedding, but most agreed that it was a positive signal towards a modern, thinking Royal Family.

For my part, I thought he was terrific and his message that the power of love could solve much in the world has real resonance in the times we live. Apart from families, communities and international relations all needing love it seems that the good bishop also thinks a bit of love would be good in business. I agree.

Running a business is not all about money.

The remarkably damning report that appeared in the week after the Royal Wedding from the Commons Select Committee about that the directors of Carillion “too busy stuffing their mouths with gold” while the company collapsed did nothing to improve the image of capitalism. Certainly, the report concluded that there was no love lost for their employees, customers or suppliers and showed nothing better than corporate greed.

Rev Michael Curry is correct. Rather more love in business should avoid the sort of terrible examples that big company failures like BHS, BCCI, Enron and now Carillion set.

Running Middleton Hall is of course very different from Carillion. It is a small, entrepreneurial company that aims to make a positive difference for people, so our values are inherent rather than being corporate platitudes. We work at Middleton Hall because we do care. Of course, a business that cares for people also brings huge responsibility. Sadly, even in social care there are some poor examples where the money is seen as the only priority and the wider social responsibility is forgotten as too many newspaper headlines have revealed. I doubt the residents in failing care homes experience the power of love that Rev Michael Curry had in mind.

Whatever you may think of the appropriateness of the Most Reverend Michael Curry’s Royal Wedding sermon, the message was right. A bit more love in business could genuinely help capitalism improve its image.

Chickens come before the Eggs at Middleton Oaks!

Middleton Oaks happily welcomed some new feathered friends to the chicken coop.

Staff and residents said hello and had a cuddle with 8 Pekin chickens that were kindly donated by a local Middleton St George family. The cosy chicken coop is already home to hens Sage and Little Legs, but there is plenty of room for more inhabitants and it really is a case of the more, the merrier.

The Pekin breed is a distinctly pretty one – hens are as much pets as egg layers. All residents at Middleton Hall are welcome to join in caring for the birds. They are very amusing and get to know those who visit regularly. Come along and check out who becomes top in the pecking order!

A Right Royal Knees Up

It was a right Royal occasion; Middleton Hall certainly did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle proud.

The buzz built up throughout the week leading to the Royal Wedding.  Planning for the big day proved great fun as cakes were baked, decorations created, crowns and tiaras polished and some very professional bunting knitted. The Queen found time in her busy schedule to pop in to approve of the activities.

Saturday dawned bright and clear. There was a party atmosphere as people gathered round TVs to watch the proceedings. A special Royal tea was served and all agreed that it was a day to remember.