Pottery Class Paying Off with Ceramic Tile Art

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Mary Burgoyne, a resident of The Waterside, wanted to capture the image of her beloved springer spaniel- Archie. Friend and Neighbour, Les, was asked to work his magic on something innovative and long-lasting for her to display in the home and have Archie’s memory live on for many years to come.

Les Simpson, who has worked on many art projects in recent years at Middleton Hall, produced a ceramic tile, using a white bodied clay which was fired to 1250 degrees Celsius.  This meant that, if carefully looked after, the article would last for thousands of years, exactly how Mary wanted it.

The Level of detail in the tile is astonishing
Les Simpson, left, presenting Mary with her new tile of Archie

A class runs at Middleton Hall every Friday for residents who work with Les to create pottery and improve their skills. Another perk of being a Middleton Hall resident.

Enquire at reception or call 01325 332207.

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