An Ordinary Extraordinary Living Well Meeting

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What is a Living Well meeting? you may ask ……

Every month, a representative from each care service as well as the front of house, admin, gardening and maintenance teams meet to discuss how best we can make a positive difference to how ‘well’ residents may live at Middleton Hall.

We hear how other teams have planned and delivered activities. We rollout village-wide programmes such as preparing for Fun Days or coffee mornings. We share and reflect on best practice both within Middleton Hall and in other care and retirement settings. We also think how we could have done things differently and in some cases better or for more people. The benefits aren’t limited to residents – the mental and physical health of staff members is just as important. See our Life at Middleton Hall pages for details of what goes on.

Living Well meetings are always extraordinary and throw up unexpected gems. Often, it is the small gestures and one-to-one times that make the biggest difference.

The fabulous new workshop at Middleton Oaks set the unusual, one-off scene for the final Living Well meeting of 2017, It embodied all the great ‘can do’ attitude displayed by staff. Yes it was cold! Yes the chickens came wandering in! Yes, a resident joined us unexpectedly for a while! But the ‘Lucky Thirteen’ came along, tucked into mince pies and warm drinks, shared and planned for 2018. Bring it on!

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