Open to all

Our allotments are open for anyone, and you can do whatever you like with it. Some people grow vegetables, others grow flowers, we even have one with a rock garden! All residents and Co-owners are welcome to request an allotment plot, just speak to the Estates team.

The Stables Shop


During certain months we get overloaded with some of the fruit and veg we produce - this is why we sell it in our on-site shop. The Stables Shop is open every day, and has a variety of home-grown produce for anyone to purchase (bearing in mind when each one gets harvested!). This is great for reducing carbon footprints, as the distance the food has travelled from seed to shop is usually less than 200 metres.


Cooking with our fresh home grown food is always exciting - especially when it's come from your own garden. Food in the Restaurant and Orangery is lovingly prepared by our chefs to a high standard, but they aren't the only ones who use it...

The crew in Middleton Gardens (Supported Living) have been hard at work on their Mediterranean Garden this past year, so they've been able to sample some of their own veg too!