A Precious Moment as Marion Celebrates Her 100th Birthday!

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mprecious_jo_howell_photography_14 (2)Marion Precious, as well as being a much valued member of the Middleton Hall community, is also a great grandmother, grandmother, mother and friend to many. She celebrated her 100th birthday this week with close friends and family members, some of whom travelled from across the world including the USA and Canada. Her 100th birthday card, sent by HRH Queen Elizabeth, was proudly displayed.

The party began with The Middleton Hall Singing Group, in which Marion is the oldest member, singing Happy Birthday. Marion then joined them in singing her favourite song “Tulips from Amsterdam.”

Marion was born in West Hartlepool, the youngest of 6. When asked, Marion credited her long and happy life to her soul mate and husband Bill to whom she was married for 53 years, her wonderful family and great friends, to doing the things you love and to always have fun. Oh and not forgetting to enjoy a good glass of red.

Marion came to live in Middleton Hall in August 2013. She commented “I have always had fond memories of the Hall because as a child a group of us used to play in the beautiful grounds and I remember being chased by the gardeners for pinching the apples off the tree. Now, as I take a stroll around the grounds, I don’t get into quite so much trouble!!”

Marion is an example to us all that keeping active and participating in a range of activities is key to longevity. For 30 years, Marion was a volunteer with a Stroke Group in Stockton, set up to help people who had suffered with a stroke. She also supported her husband Bill with his involvement in Yarm Cricket Club and built many long standing friendships along the way. Alongside this Marion enjoyed a love of travelling, particularly to Spain, gardening, cooking, Bridge and was also a member of the local Methodist church choir.

Marion, at 100, can be seen throughout the Hall enjoying many of these hobbies, being a regular attendee at the weekly Bridge Club and Singing Group. Marion commented “These are activities that I have enjoyed throughout my life and still enjoy today”.

Jeremy Walford, managing director of Middleton Hall Retirement Village, said: “Marion is a wonderful part of the Middleton Hall community due to her vitality for life and we are all delighted to be sharing her 100th birthday with her today.”

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