“2015 – A Happy New Year?”

Happy New YearSo will 2015 be a “happy new year” as we all greet each other in the first days of January?

In amongst various Christmas cards people kindly sent me, there were two cards that stood out.

They were not Christmas cards but thank you cards.

Now I like to think that I do a reasonable amount of thanking members of the team at Middleton Hall – we have so many people doing extraordinary jobs and putting in huge efforts to make Middleton Hall the place that it is. Indeed, a couple who are buying a Waterside property from us (having run their own service business) were telling me today just how friendly and helpful everyone they have had contact with has been. I get plenty of charming thank you letters and cards from our residents and families of residents which I am always hugely grateful to receive and pass on to the team.

But the cards that stood out this time were from employees thanking me. Not just for their Christmas present but…

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making Middleton Hall such a welcoming, friendly place to work” and….

“I love Middleton Hall and everything it stands for. You are so right when you always say it is about the people.”

I often remind our team and say to new employees, that it does not matter how much money we spend on the buildings – it is the people that make the difference. Without the right people, we would be wasting our money in developing new facilities and refurbishing the existing.

My simple belief is that happy staff means happy customers.

So we will be doing our best in 2015 to make it a happy year for everyone at Middleton Hall.