Quotes from our residents, families and friends

Marjorie Robson, August 2016 – Daughter of Resident of Middleton Court

I write to thank you and your team for the excellent care and attention afforded to mum while she was resident at Middleton Court. I believe she couldn’t have been more comfortable nor better cared for. Even in her latter days she remained a feisty woman, not afraid to speak her mind, and probably wasn’t the easiest resident on the block!

The move to Middleton Hall in 2007 after my father died gave her new interests and she enjoyed the benefits and pleasures of life there for many years. However it was only in the last two years of her life that she really required more care. I know that she deeply appreciated all that you did for her at Middleton Court and my brother and I feel the same. You cared and looked after her so well and the family thank you and all the carers for giving her so much warmth, understanding and attention.

You and all at Middleton Court have been wonderful – thank you.

April 2016 – Resident of Middleton Grove

Since coming to Middleton Hall 3 years ago I have been most content and happy. My only experience of care homes was in visiting friends who and relatives. Most homes had good points but none had the overall quality of care I have experienced in Middleton Grove.

The grounds and gardens give such a welcome approach to the Hall through reception and beyond, giving a feeling of safety and efficiency. Great care is taken regarding hygiene and cleanliness and all are treated with dignity and care. Food, service and leisure facilities are very good and staff in all departments excellent.

I consider Middleton Hall should rate as the premium care home in the country

David Holt, April 2016 – Regular Short Stay visitor to Middleton Grove

I saw quite a few staff that I have known from my previous visits […] all made me feel welcome with their friendly approachable manner. I know from previous times that the staff are Middleton Hall’s biggest asset.

I not only enjoy the culinary delights at meal times but also the cut & thrust of social debate with my dining companions.

Listed below are comments received from residents and families in 2015.

I enjoyed my stay very much, I came for a rest and that was just what I had, the staff were very helpful and great. I would certainly come back again.

January 2015

The evening celebration was first class, and we would like to thank you once again. The staff and food were both excellent. Well done!

January 2015

Staff are always cheerful, professional and genuinely caring.

January 2015

Thanks for the support you gave me through some difficult times.

January 2015

You have created and continue to provide, a beautiful, wonderful, warm, loving and caring environment for people to feel safe as their lives become more difficult.

January 2015

A dedicated team who are not only carers, but also her friends.

February 2015

From the bottom of my heart – Thank You.

January 2015

Thank you for running the best care home, not only for residents, but also for the relatives. It was one of the best days of my life when I found Middleton Hall Retirement Village for my mum.

February 2015

Thank you for all the care and kindness, it made such a difference to her life. She was so happy living with you all.

February 2015

It took us a long time to get here but it was well worth it. We love living here, as you say we buy the package.

It is pleasing to report, as in my previous visits, that everything, from facilities, standards, rooms, meals, and most important of all – the very helpful and polite staff are just as I remember and, dare say it, have become accustomed to.

June 2015