An Employee’s View – ‘A Passion for Caring’

Amanda CurranAmanda Curran is a registered general nurse from Stockton and has worked at Middleton Hall Retirement Village for ten years.

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. Right from a tiny tot, I never thought about anything else. My gran was a nurse and she used to show me pictures in her nursing magazines and I loved the uniform. I can always remember that if we ever visited people in hospital I’d go around and visit all the other people in their beds. I just had an urge to care for them and I wanted to make sure they were alright – and I still feel like that today.

When I passed my exams I worked at North Tees Hospital for a while and then we moved to Cornwall and it was quite a shock. I’d gone from a 1000 bed hospital to a tiny 14 bed cottage hospital where I specialised in supporting older people.

We moved back to the North East for the better cost of living and after a stint as deputy matron of a nursing home I came here. Middleton Hall was totally different to any place I’d ever worked in. The residents are second to none and it makes a huge difference to your working day. The staffing levels are flexible allowing us to deliver the highest standards and the training is ongoing and keeps us up to date professionally. I love the continuity of care, we get to know residents and families really well. The staff all know each other and we are a great team.  We all get involved in the business plan too. Our ideas and suggestions are listened to and this all helps us feel a valued part of the business

There is no average day and I really like that. You know what the basics are going to be, but it helps if you’re flexible. At the end of the day, your loyalty is to the residents and Middleton Hall. We’re involved in all aspects of their daily life, both physically and psychologically, this all helps the people that live here to be happy and live well. Amanda CurranFamily involvement is also very important so that we can all work together. My passion and area of expertise is in nutrition. Making sure residents eat well, and have food suitable for their requirements can be challenging at times – but very rewarding.

It’s more than a job, it’s a life long commitment to improving the support we provide for older people. I finish work every day knowing that I, and my colleagues have made a difference. I would never go back to the NHS. Working with older people is my life and I would never leave Middleton Hall. They will have to kick me out!”

If you know anyone who is a registered nurse who would enjoy working at Middleton Hall like Amanda, please contact Fiona Green on 01325 332207.